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I work with individuals that are struggling with relationship issues, trauma, gender & sexual identity, and sexual dysfunctions.

Together we will clarify your goals and work toward establishing new patterns and coping skills. We will examine and accent your strengths and help you identify your resources. Therapy is an investment in yourself and can assist you in discovering your authentic self.

Self-motivation and consistency are key in whether or not our time together will be productive. It has been my experience that clients that are the most determined to change have the most remarkable results. I can help create a container for this process but it is you that will make transformation possible.

Image by Lina Trochez
Image by Zac Durant

Overcoming Trauma

Trauma can hold us back from living up to our true potential. Often the incident that ignited the trauma is lodged in the body and unconscious mind. By processing the trauma you can live a more optimal life. I have skills that work for trauma such as EMDR, Yoga Nidra and Emotional Focused Tapping. When a structure is created for the brain to heal remarkable transformation can take place.

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