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Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that explores ways to enhance or heal an individual’s inability to have sexual intimacy. Problems in physical functionality, desire or miscommunication between partners can have devastating effects on our ability to have an enjoyable sex life. Struggling with intimacy issues is common and 30 to 50% of individuals will experience sexual difficulties during their lifetime. Currently, I am becoming a certified sex therapist through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (ASSECT) and have completed all the educational units necessary for this process. Sex therapy can be done both individually or with a partner. Please contact me if you desire change.


Maybe you are experiencing feelings of rejection, the sense that you are just roommates or repeated communication problems that may include having the same old fight again and again. In our work together I will draw on my training as an emotionally focused therapist (EFT) which is based on the work of Sue Johnson and is currently recognized as the most effective evidenced based couples therapy in the world. EFT enables us to understand the cycle of negativity that can keep you and your partner locked in to repeated arguments and negativity. EFT allows you to explore the underlying reasons for relational distress, teaches new ways of expressing yourself resulting in new empathetic attunement. This process can lead to a new way of understanding yourself as well as your partner. Couples often find a new beginning through EFT therapy


I work with couples and individuals that are struggling with sex addiction. In the couplehood  the addiction adds another dimension of challenge in regards to having a satisfying relationship. Although addiction is often perceived as being all about pleasure it is often a way of numbing out the pain of trauma. This added element can be extremely difficult for couples trying to have a meaningful relationship. I have received training from the International Institute of Trauma Professionals whose founder Patrick Carnes is a pioneer in teaching therapists in how to treat addiction.


Women Exploring and Healing their Sexuality to Enhance Pleasure, Joy and Empowerment


Conquering Low Desire Through Mindfulness

In this group women with low sexual desire will explore their struggles and learn to tools to enhance relaxation and pleasure. This workshop is based on the ground breaking work of Lori Brotto who has helped 1,000s of women improve desire, arousal and satisfaction both inside the bedroom and out.

Let's Become Cliterate

We will explore how the intersection between culture and sexuality impacts women. During this journey we will examine the lies, misunderstandings, and myths that have been holding us back from fully engaging in our empowerment and sexuality. This workshop is informed by the work of Laurie Mintz and her book, "becoming cliterate."

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