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Image by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti

 Betrayed Partner

When an affair or betrayal has occurred as a consequence of sexual addiction or other scenarios, it can leave the injured partner reeling in pain and confusion. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), does not only occur with those that have gone to war but can also apply to the emotional war that we go through when someone who we trusted has betrayed us. The goal of treatment is to assist the client in processing and healing from their tremendous pain through psychoeducation, skills building, experiential transformation, and integrating this event into their life story. I have training in treating the betrayed partner and have found that a combination of using EMDR for trauma reduction along with a psychodynamic approach can enable my clients to go through a transformative journey in which they come to a deeper understanding of their self ending in a place of confidence and hope for their future.

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