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I specialize in relationship counseling, sex therapy, anxiety and trauma. Using a psychobiological approach we will explore the mind-body connection and notice the places that are causing you to lose connection with your authentic self. Methods of doing this include giving you tools that enable you to remain grounded and centered in the face of inner and outer adversity. Additionally, EMDR (eye movement, desensitization and reprocessing) creates the space and structure for your brain to neutralize memories and sensations that exist in your brain and body, bringing them to a space of neutrality thus decreasing your tendency to be over reactive, anxious or emotional.


I am a certified sex addiction therapist, trained in sex therapy, EMDR and EFT (an approach of couples counseling that is highly effective).


Currently, I am available to work with you using Skype or FaceTime. Give me a call or send an email:






Ellen Noon

My passion is helping individuals and couples who would like to revolutionize  their connection with their partner and themselves. Together we will go on an exploration to reveal the patterns of behavior that you may be unaware of that could possibly be preventing you from having a satisfying relationship and tapping into your greatest potential.  

In my years of experience working with individuals and couples I have learned that obstacles bring the greatest opportunity for growth. If you are ready to do the work, now, as you are going through this crisis, then now is the time when you can revolutionize your life.

I believe that each one of us can move beyond our current limitations to live a life that is beyond our current imaginings. If you are ready to discover and remove the barriers that are interfering with you tapping into your greatest potential, then give me a call at 408-621-7876 or drop me an email at healthyrelationships.ellen@gmail.com.


My office is at 1101 S. Winchester Blvd., San Jose


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Perhaps therapy is something you have tried before or maybe you have been thinking about trying for the first time. Your motivation is to make an investment in yourself and to improve certain parts of yourself and your life.

At this time you may be searching for support for something that is going on now or something that happened in the past. Together we can explore the way emotions are affecting you and your daily life. Through the work that we will do together you can live a richer, more engaged life. 


Maybe you are experiencing feelings of rejection, the sense that you are just roommates with communication problems including having the same old fight again and again. Couple counseling can give you the opportunity to renew your relationship. In our work together I will draw on my training with Terry Real and Sue Johnson which will enable us to understand the cycle of negativity that may be keeping you from having a satisfying relationship. Call me if you would like to find another way of being in your partnership.


I work with couples and individuals that are struggling with love, sex and porn addiction. In the couplehood  the addiction adds another dimension of challenge in regards to having a satisfying relationship. Although addiction is often perceived as being all about pleasure it is often a way of numbing out the pain of trauma. This added element can be extremely difficult for couples trying to have a meaningful relationship. I have received training from the International Institute of Trauma Professionals whose founder Patrick Carnes is a pioneer in teaching therapists in how to treat sex addiction and compulsivity.

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