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Ellen Noon





Welcome to California Relationship Healing!

Therapy can give you the opportunity to transform and live in your highest vibration. This inner transformation will carry over to all your relationships particularly your most intimate. Our journey together can uncover patterns of behavior that are part of your past that are affecting your life and your relationships. My work centers on my conviction that it is possible to use your current struggles to have a more fulfilling life. The Chinese character for crisis is composed of two separate characters 危险 that mean danger and opportunity. Let’s use your current struggles as a springboard to enable you to transform the situation that is troubling you  so that you can have a greater life than before.

My Approach
my approach


How I Work

I am a sex therapist and couples counselor. I provide expert care for couples’ issues, intimacy struggles, sexual struggles, infidelity, sexual compulsivity, sexual addiction and trauma. My goal is to create an intimate space where both partners can share their experience and feelings. I also work with individuals on their relationship issues. My intention is to share a journey that will allow you to unlock whatever it is that is keeping you from having a happy, fulfilling life. The work that you do now can positively impact you and your partner for a life time. If you are serious about change---deep transformation is possible.

My goal is to work with you to create the change that is needed for you to have more pleasure, joy, and intimacy.. I am sex positive and I respect all sexual orientations, relationships and behaviors that are consensual and non-exploitative. I have experience polyamory as well as transsexuality and the LGBTQIA community. I am certified in EMDR a trauma therapy.

Additionally, I have extensive training as a couples counselor including EFT and the Developmental Model.


"Ellen is a compassionate and open person. She is able to listen to my struggles without judgment. I have overcome a lot of struggles because of her support, kindness and deep wisdom. I would highly recommend her a therapist. She is super skilled and her heart is in the right place."

- Lisa G.

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